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Anne Angerman

Anne Angerman, MS

Anne Angerman, MS

Founder and President

With a varied background in counseling, teaching, educating, Anne Gottlieb Angerman has worked with individuals who want to make changes for over 20 years in Denver. She brings her depth of experience , people skills and wisdom to her coaching by helping her clients understand themselves better, integrate their life and work experiences, and find their passions. She frequently states she helps people put together different pieces of their puzzle to become fully integrated and successful.

As a trained therapist, Anne frequently heard clients complain about their jobs , underachieving and in pain. She also realized many people did not engage in career planning. They got into their jobs in reactive ways. They spent more time planning a vacation or deciding what kind of a dog to buy. She realized that many people did not have much awareness about themselves. In 1998, Anne reinvented herself by undergoing training at the
Highlands Company to learn more about the career coaching process and become certified in different assessments for self awareness.

After an extensive career in professional development, Career Matters was founded by Anne Gottlieb Angerman, MS in 1998. She is an outstanding career strategist and coach. Her expertise and wisdom in training, consulting and business allow her to offer insight and support with variety of clients and situations. She specializes in career planning, job search strategies, and finding their place in the work world. She is well known for her coaching and helping clients achieve career satisfaction.

Her credentials include:

  • Masters Degree in Social Work from University of Wisconsin
  • Author of Stress Management Made Simple
  • Certified in The Highlands Program (THAB), Myers Briggs (MBTI), 360-Degree Feedback
  • Contributor to various newspapers in Denver area including Villager
  • Past board member of Colorado Human Resource Association
  • Board member of Alliance of Professional Women
  • Member of Colorado Career Development Association
  • Member of National Career Development Association
  • Member of National Association of Social Workers
  • Consultant and speaker to various organizations including Colorado Department of Transportation, KEMA, City of Denver, City of Greenwood Village, Denver Regional Council of Government(DRCOG), Young Presidents Organization, and others