Career Matters Vol 1

Volume 1……September, 2002

This is the first issue – A newsletter looking at current updates with
The Highlands Program, careers and the workplace

Director – Anne Gottlieb Angerman, MS

Some career counselors say that the weak job market, combined with the aftereffects of the Sept. 11 attacks and new corporate disclosures and disasters have caused people new to the job market to deliberate more about their career choices.

In the late 90’s when their were many high paying jobs in technology, many young people chose these areas, only to be forced to find their true callings in their 30’s, after they were laid off (NY Times).

Sheila Curran of Brown University, suggests, “taking the time right after college to figure out your passion will make you less likely to make bad decisions in the future.”

Fred Ball, managing director at Goodrich and Sherwood Associates, a NY human resources and consulting firm advised recent graduates to plan careers based on their interests and not on trends in the market or culture.

Did you know?

The Highlands Program was bought by Immanuel and Associates. It has moved from Atlanta to Larchmont, New York. The main tool continues to be the test on a CD, which measures natural aptitudes, compatible work roles and learning styles. It takes about 3 ½ hours to complete and the results are immediately available on the website. Any CD purchase includes feedback from a trained professional. Individual feedbacks can also be done long distance.

In addition to individual feedback, monthly group feedbacks are available. They are available the first Tuesday of the month and are less expensive. The next monthly feedback will be on Monday November 4th at 6:00 P.M. Individual coaching is available after the test. Group feedbacks can be customized for any corporation, organization, or school. Price depends on the number of people and the length of the session.

“We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” George Hegel—Philosophy of History

In addition to the CD, the following other assessments are utilized at Career Matters:

The Strong Interest Inventory – This assessment gives information to an individual as to good career fits based on filling a questionnaire based on interests. It is self-report and generates a computer driven report suggesting compatible careers and job descriptions

Myers Briggs—This is a popular personality profile which gives information about compatible career fits work settings, how a person approaches the world and makes decisions. This is self-scoring and can be very useful for career coaching, team building, and understanding relationships.

360 Feedback—This is a questionnaire given to a person’s circle of co-workers to get confidential information about how a person is performing. This is taken at a website and is personally customized for different areas—such as leadership, or project management. It can be administered to an entire team.

Anne Gottlieb Angerman, MS, the director is available for professional speaking and workshops. Her topics include:
“Moving Your Career Forward in the new Millennium” and “Decreasing Your Stress-
Increasing your Passions”

Call about our popular lunchtime seminars—at your workplace!

A popular package for career changers of all ages includes The Highlands Program CD, The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs. It has been especially popular for the recent college graduate.

A great book to recommend:

The Power of a Good Fight: How to Embrace Conflict to Drive Productivity, Creativity And Innovation by Lynn Eisaguirre ($24.95- Alpha Books, 2001)-This book discusses real-life solutions for those who want to handle conflict in the most effective manner. It also emphasizes that one way to manage creativity is to find some happy people and encourage them to fight—because when people fight they often generate new ideas.

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