Anne provided me with excellent guidance when I was considering a new career. Not only did she administer a battery of established tests, provided suggestions based on her observations of me as a person. Even the best tests miss some intangibles. I didn’t feel like I was just another client to Anne – she cared about me and wanted me to find a career that would make me happy.



Having an executive coach helps me enormously. I find that Anne is encouraging in that she helps me develop a solid understanding of myself. Then we can work together on using that information to understand how to navigate various situations I face. I feel emotionally stronger and well-supported. During my last work with Anne, she helped me understand my unconscious motivators.

The unconscious motivator test was the most useful in that it helped me answer the “why” questions with which I was struggling. Why were people getting on my nerves? Why were they responding to change in ways that seemed so maladaptive to me. I have a much greater understanding of what I’m doing to contribute to the issues I’m facing with my direct reports.

Inevitably, I leave Anne feeling more confident about myself and my own abilities.”


My experience with Career Matters proved to be a great source of insight into my personality. The results of the tests rang quite true, and the scoring system helped to crystallize my self-understanding in useful terms that I could not think of previously. Having follow up-discussions with a counselor experienced in interpreting the tests was instructive in planning practical ways to implement what I had learned through the testing. I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone looking to improve their self-understanding, regardless of age.”

Thank you,


Taking the career assessment tests and meeting with Anne is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Since then, I’ve changed jobs and couldn’t be happier. My core values are in sync with my employer’s mission statement and I’m in a role that finally utilizes my natural abilities. Thank you Anne!”

Laura D.

Before taking the Highlands Battery assessment with Anne, I was happily and gainfully employed but wondering what was to come next — I really felt that I had reached a ‘ceiling’ with my current position. I considered both business school and law school as sure-fire career path options that I would have success with, based on the skills I had already acquired. In taking the assessment, I learned that not only would I have a hard time with either profession — based on my natural abilities — but that after the struggle of being educated in either industry, I would end up hating the pipeline profession as well! Through the assessment itself and my comprehensive summation conversation with Anne, I learned that my natural tendency was towards the creative, and while I always knew that I had a natural skill in the arts, I never considered the practical career applications. As a result of the whole experience, I was able to (without any doubt!) nix the idea of business or law school entirely, and catch up with a friend in interior design and start apprenticing with her. I haven’t felt so invigorated by a career choice in a long time, and am really excited to see where the new path leads me.”

Thank you,

W. Shanks, 25, NYC

I completed the career testing with you last December and I wanted to let you know that I am pursuing a whole new career…something I’ve always dreamed of doing…thanks to your help.
Long story short, I ended up attending the Ohio Center for Broadcasting radio and TV program (in Lakewood), interned at Channel 7 on weekends (I did work some with Dayle Cedars), and am moving to Peoria, IL, the end of November for a reporter/anchor position. My undergrad degree was in journalism and it is something I always wanted to pursue. That came up as a strong area for me in terms of abilities and interests on the tests. So I decided to look into it and can’t believe a year later I’m actually pursuing a dream!”

Thanks for all your help,

Lori O.

I have had the privilege of working with Anne Angerman as a career coach. I would like to recommend her highly to any individual looking to make a change in his/her professional life. She not only handled my questions with great professionalism, she also obviously had many years of experience to bring wisdom to my individual concerns. She also was very flexible in finding meeting times as I have a very hectic schedule, and I never felt as if I was just “one more client”.
I feel that I learned a great deal about my strengths, abilities, and interests in undergoing testing and counseling with Anne. I feel that now I have a better idea of what things are important to me when choosing the next phase of my career. She was able to provide a solid analysis of my testing and answer all questions that I had regarding the testing itself. Thus, I feel that working with Anne was an immense help in my personal growth and in developing a vision for my professional life. I highly recommend her as a career coach to others.

Sarah Y.

Anne’s help has been invaluable to me. I started with nothing more than an idea that I was being underutilized and have come away with not only career options that I feel fit me and a plan on how to make myself marketable and qualified for these options, but I also now have the confidence that I have the aptitude and personality that would fit those hiring for these positions. This was an invaluable experience for me and would recommend for any person that could use a lot of direction, a little direction or even confirmation. Very highly recommended.

Lindsey M.

I did not understand at first why Anne suggested I take all 3 assessments, but after I had individual coaching from her I observed how she used all 3 to make an accurate, insightful profile. I have a much better idea of the type of job at which I would excel and use my talents.

Josh M.

I have taken many career tests in the past, including one from a top twelve university and Anne’s analysis of my tests was the most thorough, accurate, and helpful career advice I have ever received

Emily S.

(after) my comprehensive summation conversation with Anne, I learned that my natural tendency was towards the creative, and while I always knew that I had a natural skill in the arts, I never considered the practical career applications. To see a list of realistic professions for myself was enlightening and really exciting(!)

Jill W.

I took the Highlands Program test about 10 years ago with Anne Angerman. The results have proven invaluable many times since then. Anne has served me as an excellent resource and coach whenever I need assistance with interpreting these results for a new venture.
Since then, I have changed healthcare positions several times and without a doubt find referring to my innate abilities always helps me to know how I can best use my education, skills and interests for the best job fit. It is essential information for any working adult. Without a doubt, the Highlands Program has been one of the best investments in my career and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to explore their career journey and thrive.

Carol Mills, RN, MA

Anne is the full package. All of the career counselors I found online couldn’t administer tests, and they didn’t have a therapy background – they were only career counselors. Anne is three in one. Not only can she administer valuable testing to help uncover your skills, she can guide you through the process with a deeper understanding given her experience as a therapist and career counselor. Until I saw the results of my tests and Anne’s explanation of their meaning, I didn’t fully understand what made me ‘tick.’ Now I do, and it has made it much easier for me to make decisions rooted in long-term happiness rather than a short–term ‘guess.’ I am incredibly grateful to have met with Anne – it has changed my outlook on each day since. Thanks Anne!