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Career Matters is dedicated to providing the coaching and assessments that fit your personal needs. Below are a few combinations popular with our clients. However, if none of these packages meet your needs, personalized packages are also available.

Coaching and Counseling Packages

Adult assessment packages are available from $135 – $750

Career Compass Coaching Package – Includes 1 two-hour session, the Highlands Ability Battery assessment, the MBTI assessment, and the Strong Interest Inventory

There are a number of excellent personal assessment tools available, and this package uses them all. First, you will take three assessments: the MBTI assessment, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Highlands Ability Battery. Next, we will review your results and discuss:

  1. Your personalized assessment reports and what they tell us about you
  2. A report that describes your ideal job situation
  3. A list of possible careers that match your strengths and abilities and that will also bring you job satisfaction
  4. A personal binder with room for all your reports, notes, and additional career information (as much as 50 pages of info).

Our one-on-one review is a two-hour session, so you will have enough time to really understand your results and learn more about what makes you “tick.” Since most of the tests can be taken online, this is a great option if you’re very busy.

*This is our most popular package*

Other Assessment Packages Available:

  • Action Session – One hour focused entirely on your career to help you form an action plan
  • Bronze Adult Sampler – This package – also known as the “adult wanderer” or “confused adult” ┬ásampler – will help you find some direction at an affordable price
  • Premier Coaching Package – An upgrade of the Career Compass package with more emphasis on one-on-one coaching
  • Elite Coaching Package – Re-invent yourself! Comprehensive assessments and coaching that are guaranteed to change your life
  • The Custom Package – Pick and choose between all of our services to come up with something that helps you get the information you need while meeting your time and budget.
  • Hourly coaching – Work one-on-one with a career coach for a flat hourly rate on the topic of your choice.

Flexible Coaching

Our coaching services are very flexible:

  • We work with you anywhere. All packages and coaching can be completed either in person or by telephone, and most of our tests are completed online, so we can work with anyone anywhere in the US or Canada.
  • We respect your schedule. Whether you’re a single parent, a busy executive, or a student cramming for mid-terms, we will respect your time. Our appointments are on schedule, and we will work with you outside of normal business hours if that’s all your schedule will allow.
  • It’s about you. Career coaching and counseling is a way for you to improve your career prospects, your happiness, and your life. Our packages are designed to give you the tools and information you need to be successful – contact us to learn more.