For Lawyers

Is what you are doing now what you thought it would be when you went to law school?

Do you feel the “business of law” interferes with the “profession of law?”

Are you happy in a large firm? Small firm? Solo Practice?

Does your present “practice group” match your talents and capabilities?

Before making a career move – find out more about yourself. Your career satisfaction will likely be dependent on who you are and what innate skills, proficiencies, and interests you possess.

Career Matters can help you chart your career course. We use the following tools and offer the following services.

Career Assessments

The Highlands Ability Battery – the gold standard among assessments measuring individual abilities. Find out: What are your natural abilities? What is your ideal work environment? Diagnose: Why you may have been dissatisfied in past work situations ? Takes 3 ½ hours to do online and participants receive a report and in-depth analysis sessions.

Strong Interest Inventory – a 30 minute assessment taken online. This is one of the most respected and widely used career planning instruments in the world and reveals what career is right for you!

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)® is the most widely used personality assessment in the world and reveals personality type and career preferences through understanding individual differences and occupational requirements.

The Print Test (Unconscious Motivators) – The print Survey is an outstanding test that gives us information about what motivates us and gives us insight into ourselves.


Using decades of experience working with attorneys, searching for answers as to their next “career chapter,” we have developed the skills to help you think clearly about your future, consider your interests and talents, and plan out a strategy for success and career satisfaction.

“I truly believe it should be mandatory for every student, lawyer, graduate and professional. Who wouldn’t benefit from valuable information that will help maximize your efficiency and minimize your stress in learning/working environments for the rest of your life? During the process of career transition, this information was absolutely invaluable to me. I only wish that I had taken it years ago!”

A Lawyer in Transition