We Give You the Tools for Change

Career & Aptitude Testing
  • Find out your strengths
  • Uncover new career directions
  • Identify what you enjoy most
Career Transition
  • Plan for career success
  • Gain tools to take action
  • Land work that matters
Career Management
  • Succeed in your chosen career
  • Find more satisfaction
  • Create a career road map

Success Stories

Anne helped me clarify my strengths and reframe my current career choice as a success. After working with her, I now have a better picture of what I need in order to be happy at work

Rachel B.

I did not understand at first why Anne suggested I take all 3 assessments, but after I had individual coaching from her I observed how she used all 3 to make an accurate, insightful profile. I have a much better idea of the type of job at which I would excel and use my talents.

Josh M.

I have new options because of working with Anne. She opened my horizons to different fields I had not considered before and where my strengths could be amplified and celebrated.

Barbara R.



We work with people searching for career direction or are in career transition. This includes high school or college students wanting more clarification for choosing further education, workers who are downsized, or professionals who are unsatisfied with current careers. We can help individuals are from ages 15 and above.


Career Matters works with companies to improve the utility and satisfaction for each employee. From C-Level executives to operational staff, our programs can help employees identify their professional strengths and help them chart their work trajectories.


Our programs have been successfully utilized by professional, social, educational, and trade groups to assist members and even their staffs in recognizing their potentials and proficiencies. Organizations have found these programs to be immensely popular and valuable with their membership.