Networking: Is It Worth The Effort?

Clients frequently ask me if it is worth it to go to a networking affair – especially if they don’t know anyone. The answer? Definitely!

Experts say that only 20 percent of jobs are advertised. Will attending a networking affair find you a job? Probably not. However, it will be a great way to build up more contacts for your network and give you some new ideas.

A couple of hints for networking:

1. Help others: Ask people how you can help them and what they are looking for. If you can help someone, you’ll build a great contact and increase your chances of hearing about job opportunities.

2. If you are more introverted and not as comfortable in an event, decide ahead of time to talk to a few people and have some questions ready for them with some business cards. If you can attend an event with someone who is more extroverted than you, that can also be a help.