9 Job Hunting Tips for Recent College Grads…or Anyone Who Has Been Unemployed For a While

1) Know yourself – what do you not want? Are you a team player or would you rather work alone?

2) Ask yourself, what are your passions?

3) Who do you admire that is doing well? Study them.

4) Get out there and network and build relationships: do not spend a lot of time on the computer or job boards.

5) Have a perfect resume, and get help on it if you need it. A poorly written resume will disqualify you for any job.

6) Volunteer or find an unpaid internship.

7) Do not wing job interviews. Write out answers for possible interview questions, write scripts for phone calls, and do research on companies you interview with prior to the big day.

8) Set aside a structured amount of time each day to job hunt, explore possibilities or network – anywhere from 60 to 180 minutes.

9) Leverage your LinkedIn connections.