Free Career Advice – Five Ways to Excel at Work

1. Exceed Work Expectations. The best way to be valued is to act like a valued employee. Now more than ever, it’s important to leverage your initiative, experience and education to demonstrate your value to employers.

2. Anticipate Trends in Your Industry. Research and understand new trends affecting your industry so you can make good informed career decisions ahead of everyone else.

3. Always Be Networking. A large network of professional contacts is invaluable in any career – not only can it help you secure a new job in the future, it can make you indispensable in your current position. Be sure to keep in touch with all former co-workers at all levels, and
take advantage of social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Never Burn Bridges. Strive to maintain positive contact with previous managers and co-workers. You never know when these old contacts can help you.

5. Focus your goals on things you will do rather than results. For example, the goal “I will go to at least one networking event every month” is much better than a vague goal like “I’m going to network more.” Mini goals are better because they help you feel more in control.