Five Things to Think About Before Relocating For a New Job

When you think about relocating for a new job, what comes to mind? For many it is a chance at a better life with improved income and new exciting opportunities. Yet there are times when it isn’t. Here is a list of things to keep in mind as you consider a job relocation.

1. Is it really profitable to move?

By definition, the term “profitable” means that you end up having more money when the relocation is complete. Let’s say, for example, that you wish to relocate because it means a 10% raise. Before you get too excited about making more money, be sure to consider the cost of living differences between your current home and your new one. Often things we don’t consider such as grocery, taxes, and other monthly costs can add up and diminish any monthly income increase, erasing or reducing your effective pay rate.

2. What do you value in terms of entertainment?

Is the place you’re going to central to the things you enjoy most? For example, let’s say you love live music. Does your new city offer much for live music? You will have time off and you might want to think about what you will do for entertainment. However, it’s a good idea to remember that even if your new city doesn’t have the entertainment options you’re accustomed to, moving to a new place with new entertainment options is a great time to try new things. You may find yourself moving from the mid-west to an ocean. Perhaps you could trade mountain biking on Saturdays for surfing before work.

3. How far away do you have to move from family?

There is often a big trade-off moving for work since it is very common to move away from family to find work. Family is very important for many of us and this is something you will need to consider. Fortunately, there are many different ways to stay connected with today’s technology including, and other services, not to mention good old fashioned plane tickets and road trips.

4. What is your next career objective after this job?

When making the plunge to relocate for a job it is important to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Don’t get caught moving with a company to just end up in the mail room. Can you move up in this company? Can you transfer from this position? Always seek opportunities that have room to improve and grow. This job you’re moving to probably shouldn’t be the last stop on your career ladder.

5. Your new job location promises lucrative pay, but what about the neighborhood you will have to live in?

Finding the right neighbor is always an important task for anyone. This can be especially true for families of school-age children, single individuals or older adults. Make sure you work with a corporate relocation consultant to find information about the city you’re moving to and where to live once you move there.

Finally, when you think about moving, increased income is not the only thing to consider. Check into where you are moving. Think wisely before any move, big or small. And when you decide to make the move, do your research to make sure it makes the most sense for you or your family.