Four Ways to Excel in Your Career

Four Ways to Excel in Your Career

Job security may be a myth, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all do our best to excel in our current positions and in our careers as a whole. Here are four ways you can be an outstanding professional:

1. Go beyond expectations at work. It’s more important than ever to leverage your motivation, experience and education to demonstrate your value. For example, one of my clients who recently made a career change to nursing says that she goes into her new job thirty minutes early because it gives her time to relax and read patient charts.

2. Focus on your highest point of contribution. This is the work that you do best. It is often called your
“genius work.” It is a combination of passion, talents or abilities and the market. Figure out what your genius work is and make it a priority.

3. Anticipate trends in your industry. Imagine how difficult it is for traditional bookstores to see the e-reader put them out of business. Think about how challenging it is for a graphic designer who specializes in brochures to only find clients who want websites. These two examples are proof that you need to evolve with the times.

4. Keep a network and build relationships. You’ve heard it a million times. “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” Stay in touch with old colleagues. Plan a weekly coffee meeting with someone from your network. Keep in touch with former co-workers and attend events hosted by your professional association.

While these four ways will help you to excel in your career, it’s important you do more. Get creative and find your own ways to make your skills stand out.