Do I Need Career Counseling?

Stuck, frustrated and working at less than your potential? Here are five questions to ask if you are considering career counseling or coaching.

1. Do I dislike going to work?

Do you think about when you were younger and you had so many dreams? Do you get jealous of friends who seem to be happy with their career paths? If any of these questions pertain to you, a career counselor or coach may be able to help you.

2. Can I practice making small changes?

While a golf coach can help you with your swing, you need to do practice and perfect any new lesson. Likewise, a career coach can help you:

  • Better understand your strengths, abilities, interests and personality
  • Help find a good job fit
  • Make changes or advance in your career
  • Help brand yourself
  • Discover what makes you unique
  • Evaluate the advantages of further education

3. Could I do it on my own?

Approach this one with caution: today, people think they can find everything they need online. Even though you can find many assessments online, feedback is of crucial importance with a trained coach. Coaching provides objective feedback, support and strategies.

4. Is now the time?

There is never a perfect time to begin career counseling or coaching, but here are some indications:

  • You aren’t happy and dislike going to work each day
  • You don’t feel successful
  • You don’t feel like you are using your talents
  • You don’t see yourself in this position in 5 years
  • You don’t feel like your work is meaningful

As in working with any professional, each coach has their own method, assessments and exercises. Because each professional is different, it is important to find a good fit – one that you are comfortable with, who will increase your self –awareness and help you look below the surface. As in purchasing any business service, its crucial to discuss costs, expectations, and goals before you start.

5. Ready to make a change?

Ready to make a career shift? Ready to shift into greater satisfaction? Contact us!