Five Secrets of Career Happiness

Five Secrets of Career Happiness

Do you ever wonder why some people can’t wait to get to work on Monday morning, while others can’t wait for the workweek to end? Happiness at work is not necessarily the result of a big salary or position. Instead, happy people know these secrets:

1. Your colleagues are as important as the job itself.

Working with people who share your values and outlook will make you feel productive, happy and “at ease.” Having a boss you like and respect can make or break a job. Here’s one way to tell if the culture is a right fit: go into a company parking lot and look at types of cars and bumper stickers — do they resonate with you?

2. The right work setting may make or break you.

Often people like their work but not the setting, or workplace environment. A person who is a “specialist” likes to see things from their unique point of view and will be happier by becoming an expert. By contrast, a “generalist” is one who likes to work with and through other people and is more of a team player. Often, people who have a preference for introversion might prefer to work from home.

3. It pays to be aware of your true talents.

People who use their abilities are happier in their lives. People who are in careers that don’t use their abilities tend to have more stress.

4. Ongoing career planning and goal-setting will keep you on track.

Research shows people spend 46 hours planning for a summer vacation and 68 hours exploring the model of their next car purchase. People who invest time and effort into career planning are more successful. As Stephen Covey stated, “Keep the end in mind.”

5. Successful people have mentors.

They either sought out their mentors or were chosen by their mentors. Mentors can help you carve out a career path and also help get you there.

One of the primary characteristics of happy, productive and successful people is that they see themselves in a future that feels positive and attainable. Moving your career forward takes energy, focus and work. However, the more planning you do on a regular basis, the more long-term satisfaction you will achieve.