Understanding The Emerging Adult

A generation of young adults aged 20-30 are having a difficult time finding their life’s direction. Many of these young people have a college degree, but many aren’t finding work. My private career coaching practice works with many of these people who are often called “emerging adults.”

Here are the facts…

  • There are fewer jobs available because of the recession.
  • Many people are graduating college with degrees that do not come with marketable skills.
  • The unemployment rate for adults 20-24 was 13.5% in July 2012.
  • Many emerging adults live at home with mom and dad because they can’t find the work they want.

I have observed that some of these young adults lack urgency, direction and motivation. Some have little work experience and do not know how to find a job.

As a career coach, I have found it helpful for emerging adults to take two assessments for self-exploration and clarity. The most helpful one is The Highlands Ability Battery. This online assessment interpreted by a trained professional looks at natural abilities, learning styles and artistic abilities through timed work samples. The other test — the Strong Interest Inventory — reveals promising career options.

Two outstanding case studies of young adults will be discussed in the future. In these case studies I will demonstrate how testing and feedback can lead to definite career or educational plans. Stay tuned…