“Career Matters gave me great insight into my personality. The test results rang true, and the scoring system helped me crystallize my self-understanding in useful terms. I would certainly recommend the experience.” – Michael

“Anne provided excellent guidance when I was considering a new career. Not only did she administer a battery of established tests, she provided suggestions based on her observations of me as a person.” – Charles

“Taking the career assessment tests and meeting with Anne was one of the best decisions I have mad. I’ve changed jobs and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Anne!” – Laura

“Before taking the Highlands Battery assessment with Anne, I was happily employed but wondering what next – I felt I had reached a ‘ceiling’ in my position. Through work with Anne, I learned I naturally tend toward the creative, and began to consider the practical applications. I haven’t felt so invigorated by a career choice in a long time, and I’m excited to see where the new path will lead me.” – William

“I completed my career testing and wanted you to know I’m pursuing a whole new career in something I’ve always dreamed of doing. Thanks for your help.” – Lori

“Anne handled my questions with great professionalism and she obviously has many years of experience. I learned a great deal about my strengths, abilities and interests.” – Sarah

“Anne’s help has been invaluable. I started with nothing more than an idea that I was being underutilized and came away with not only career options, but a plan on how to make myself marketable and qualified. Very highly recommended.” – Lindsey

“I have taken many career tests in the pasts, including one from a top 12 university, and Anne’s analysis of my tests was the most thorough, accurate and helpful career advice I have received.” – Emily

“Inevitably, I leave Anne feeling more confident about myself and my abilities,” – LRF