Corporate Consulting & Training

Offering coaching and assessment products for organizations, corporations and teams building. For corporations, we give the employees themselves, their managers, and company executives insight into how employees are performing and have tools available for retention and employment development. Our products help give individual feedback on abilities to enhance job performance.

The Highlands Program provides an employee development program consisting of an assessment that measures abilities, group or individual feedback, and subsequent workshops. It gives information describing employee communication and learning styles, effective work competencies, and optimal work roles. By an employee knowing their optimal work situation, she can formulate a better career developmental plan and be more productive.

“We are happiest and most satisfied when we make maximum use of our abilities.”

“Don’t Waste Your Talent” by Bob McDonald and Don Hutcheson

Corporate Programs and Workshops

  • Highlands Ability Assessment available on the internet which includes 25 page computer report of natural talents, optimal work environment and learning channels, and customized report
  • 2 hour individual or group feedback

Our most popular workshops available:

  1. Maximizing your Abilities— Half or Full Day
    This popular workshop utilized frequently by corporations consists of employees taking the Highlands Battery and sharing a group feedback. Discussed in the workshop are: How abilities impact their job performance, ways to communicate and problem solve using abilities, how to optimize your work setting. Benefits include: Decreased stress, increased work efficiency, and increased fit between employee and job.
  2. Enhancing Work Satisfaction by understanding your personality – 2 hours or Half or Full Day
    This workshop involves participants taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI form Q) which takes about 30 minutes online. The workshop looks at individual differences in communication and how that affects their work team, boss and job effectiveness. This experiential workshop provides each participant with a notebook with their individual assessment results and much information about their personality type. This workshop is an excellent one for conferences and retreats for employees to gain information about themselves and colleagues; it can also help to decrease stress.
  3. Life Balance Workshop – Half or Full Day
    Participants take assessment tools to look at skills, abilities, personality, and values to decrease their stress and to make changes for a more enhancing and happier life. This can be a good fit for conferences for employees who want to decrease stress in their lives and have more insight into themselves.
  4. Leadership Workshop – Half or Full Day
    Looking at a person’s leadership style by using different assessment tools to gain self knowledge of one’s self and look at strengths and weaknesses to become a better leader and better communicator.

    Executive Coaching

    Coaching is an ongoing relationship focused on individuals taking action to realize their vision, goals, and desires.

    The International Coach Federation

    We work with individuals or teams on development plans for enhanced career development, retention, leadership, and succession planning. With teams, helping them to become more productive and also have a better understanding of their goals. Coaching can be contracted on a monthly or hourly fee basis.

    You might need a coach if:
    • You are bypassed for assignments and promotions and don’t know why
    • You see yourself stuck in your organization or life and not going forward
    • You want to be more empowered
    Coaching will:
    • Provide assessments, feedback and an action plan and help discover strengths
    • Help a person move forward
    • Provide positive outcomes for professionals