For Mid-Career Professionals

For Mid-Career Professionals

Are you in your 40s? Confused about your next step?

Values are one of the most common sources of stress for people between the ages of 38 and 45. Increasingly, as reach the invisible mid-point of our lives, as we start looking ahead and seeing a limit, we start wondering if what we do all day long is worth doing.”
Don’t Waste Your Talent: The 8 Critical Steps to Discovering What You Do Best by Bob McDonald and Don Hutcheson

Mid-life career planning can save you time, cut your learning curve, decrease obstacles and give you more life satisfaction. As an experienced career coach for more than 25 years, Anne has helped mid-career people grow, change, move forward, and get out of ruts. Things that can be hard to do alone.

We work with individuals for enhanced career development, to be more productive and gain more leadership skills. We work with individuals who want to move up within their company or those who want to identify their “genius work” (work they enjoy the most) and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Is it time to take your career to the next level?

See if you agree with the following:

  • You can’t see yourself in your present position for the next 5 years
  • You are bypassed for assignments and promotions and don’t know why
  • You see yourself as stuck and not going forward
  • You want to learn more about work tasks that are good fits for you
  • You are engaged in a job that doesn’t have meaning

Professional coaching will:

  • Provide assessments, feedback and an action plan
  • Help you discover yourself and your unique talents and strengths
  • Understand what motivates you at an unconscious level
  • Help improve overall life satisfaction

A story about Lauren:

In her mid-forties, Lauren realized her IT career might no longer be a good fit. She began to question her life-balance, her passions and her future in the workplace.
Suddenly in a staff meeting she realized: ‘I don’t want to be here. I am with people who are coasting. I want to be around people who are ambitious and growing.’ With our coaching, Sharon discovered her natural work style and assessed her areas of highest interest. She began to form a new vision of herself. Within six months, she found a job with a much better fit.

I have had the privilege of working with Anne as a career coach. I would like to recommend her highly to any individual looking to make a change in his/her professional life. I feel that now I have a better idea of what things are important to me when choosing the next phase of my career.”
Lynn, May, 2016

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