For Physicians

Many physicians entered med school thinking they would make a lot of money and there would be many positions available. With changes in managed care, insurances and medicare, some physicians are questioning if medicine still gives them job satisfaction. Also, many are retiring early — yet don’t have hobbies or interests to sustain them.

As a physician, are you dissatisfied with how your career is progressing? Do you want to retire?

If you are a physician, assessments can be helpful to understand yourself better or get more insight into yourself. The most helpful assessments are the Highlands Ability Battery, measuring natural abilities; or the Strong
Interest Inventory looking at interests and what other activities could be satisfying and helpful.

Recent Scenario:

A 52 year old internal medicine was referred because of depression, low energy and inability to finish paper work. Working at a large public hospital, he was frustrated and not sure his next step. By taking the Highlands and the Strong, the physician learned that he would be happier in a slower paced environment with more time to spend with each patient. He decided to starting looking for jobs in long term facilities and to get on some medication for ADD.