Coaching for 20- to 35-Year Olds

Coaching for 20- to 35-Year Olds

Many young adults in their 20’s face a myriad of pressures. Some of these stresses include: lack of security, high college loan costs and lack of work experience.  Because they are having a hard time getting launched, about 35 percent of millennials live with their parents. Three-fourths of college grads don’t end up in a career related to their major.  

There are fifty million twenty-somethings in the US, most of whom are living with a staggering, unprecedented amount of uncertainty.  Many have no idea what they will be doing, where they will be living, or who they will be within two or ten years.  Most simply, they don’t know what to do.

The Defining Decade – Why Your 20s Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now, by Meg Jay, PhD

How can 20- to 35-year olds benefit from career coaching?
Even though many young adults possess degrees, they are often uncertain of their long-term future. Career coaching can help young adults better understand themselves by taking assessments that look at their abilities, interests and personality. Many young adults choose to return to school for another degree or attend a technical college. By the time students graduate college, less than half have done any career counseling.

Client example:

Tiffany, 28, had majored in theatre and acting. After college, she had a few acting jobs in London and New York. However, she felt she was not going forward or earning enough money. Through career assessment testing, Tiffany realized she had strong “people skills” and unused abilities in math and science. She decided to get a PhD degree in behavioral psychology or a related field.

The testing and coaching helped me realize that I could use my abilities in other ways than acting. I also decided that I wanted more stability in my life and going to school would going to open up more doors for me.” – Tiffany R.

When I was 25 and finished college, I was so confused what to do with my life. I was definitely having a “QuarterLife Crisis”. The assessments gave me a lot of clarity and I am presently going back to a technical school and very excited!” – AFB

For Parents of Millennials

Do you have a child who is a millennial?  Is he or she in career that you don’t like? Nowadays, it takes students an average of 6 years to complete college. Unfortunately, with or without a degree, many students feel confused about their next step and have a hard time entering the work force.  About 50 percent of millennials are underemployed.  Our coaching can:

– Provide aptitude and interest testing

 -Create a strategic career road map

– Look at various options – such as school, more training, different job

– Increase self esteem

What is the Young Adult Career Sampler?

After graduating with my BA in graphic design, I worked in the field for about 3 years- disliking the work and sitting behind a computer.  From my testing, it became clear to me I wanted more work that was hands-on and to be around people.  I am looking into becoming a hair stylist and colorist.” – TAH, 28

The sampler consists of two assessments taken online followed by two sessions of coaching (three hours). You also get a customized report with suggestions for college assessment and career choices. Included assessments:

The Highlands Ability Battery

The gold standard among assessment tools for measuring individual abilities. Abilities are hard-wired in each of us at birth and can be measured after the age of 14. The test gives us information on natural aptitudes, compatible work roles, artistic abilities and learning channels. Through timed work, this objective assessment will measure what you are actually good at. This information can translate into choosing a college or technical school. It takes about 3 1/2 hours to complete.

Strong Interest Inventory®

This inventory takes about 30 minutes to complete and results in a 15-page computer generated report revealing career recommendations based solely on interests. Based on the work of Dr. John Holland’s theory of career types, this is one of the most respected and widely used career planning instruments in the world.

Optional test:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This 30 minute self-report  inventory is one of the most widely used personality instruments in the world today. By learning which of 16 personality types you match, you can find a better fit for a career and work setting. As many as 1.5 million assessments are administered annually to individuals.  The Myers Briggs sorts personality differences regarding how people direct their energy, take in information, make decisions and deal with the outer world. The resulting 4-letter “Types” can be used for individual career development, career change and coaching.